Magic wand type of tool!

I have a future project I am going to start within 2 years, and would like to only have to use Maya and Toon Boom and not have to use Photoshop, but the workflow would require me to scan drawings (just black lines on a blank paper) and remove the white from the picture, and then fill in the blank in Toon Boom. But when I scan things into Toon Boom it’s a solid image and I cant easily remove the white or fill it in. A magic wand (I think that’s the tool) type of tool like from Photoshop would be an amazing addition to Toon Boom, it’s really my only criticism of the software!

If you select “convert to Toon Boom Vector Drawing” the software will import the line with transparent background, no white. You don’t need to do anything. If you want to work with black vector line select “Black & White” on the Vectorization options, if you want to have a textured greyscale line select “Grey”. You can tweak and preview the vectorization if you click the + sign.

Also, if you work with punched animation paper you can use the peg holes for optical registration so that all drawings will be on the right position.

For more on this:

Luis Canau

This reply is like one year old but, for anyone that is trying to color their art with the brush tool instead of the paint bucket tool. When you have selected one of the layers make sure you switch to color art so you dont paint over the vectorized line!