[MacMini] regular system crash with STORYBOARD PRO


since a few days, i’ve got regular crash of my system with TOON BOOM STORYBOARD PRO.
Attached to this file, please find a screenshot of the crash report from my system… why is it happening ? How to fix it ?

Please help me, thanks !

Josselin, MINTE.

It’s a well-known bug/error in MacOSX. It might be related to the hard drive.

Things to try:

  • use Apple Disc Utility to check your drive.
  • create another user account on your machine, and work in that new account to see if it still crashes. If it is resolved, migrate your mail and documents to that new user.
  • boot in Safe mode, and check if it still crashes. If it does not, one of your applications/drivers may be the culprit.

Often this error is due to errors on the hard drive. Check that first. You may have to backup your system with a utility like Carbon Copy Cloner, reformat the drive, and restore your system.

Btw, you do keep an external backups already with Time Machine, right? If not, do this first before continuing.

thank you very much for all your explanation !
I’m quite new with MAC OS, after 25 years on Windows… so i don’t know anything about all the software you’re talking about right now.
It’s quite disappointing, i was thinking that MAC OS would be more stable.

Anyway… thanks for the advice, i’ll look into it and hopefully solve this issues !

In my experience both Macs and Windows may have stability issues - it depends.

You’ll find the Disk Utility by hitting command-space, and typing “Disk Utility”. Or in the utilities folder under applications, I believe. Then select your disk, and locate “first aid”.