Machine for Toon Boom

What are the most important things in specing out a machine for Toon Boom.
Does it use all available cores or is clock speed more important? Does it benefit from a Pro level graphics card like a Quadro FX 4800?

See the system requirements that Toon Boom recommends. You definately want to follow their guidelines for the minimum graphics card.


The way prices for PC’s have dropped, you can actually get a great workstation for a reasonable price. I was able to get a core i7 Intel with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 three months ago for about $1K

The graphics card is not at the top of the line, but is not that far down. The speed is way more than sufficient.

I find it is helpful when I’ve imported bitmapped drawings to use as surface textures. This is processor intensive, but I always get enough speed on this machine.

I bought this HP workstation style machine online (it was a “quickship” configuration) and have been very pleased.

Usually, I build my own, but couldn’t work up the energy this year to do the mixing and matching of components. The choice appears to have been wise.


Hi Jeff,

At the moment Animate does not benefit from multi-core processing. We are slowly integrating this into our softwares through multi-threading. Definitely the more important is clock speed.

For the graphics card, the Quadro cards are really better for 3D, not so much for OpenGL. When it comes to OpenGL, your best bet is a mid-to-high level GeForce card.

Hope that helps.

Toon Boom Support

Thanks Lily, just the info I was looking for.