MacBook recommendation?

Does anyone have experience running Toon Boom Studio on a MacBook? Would that 13-inch screen be hopelessly small? I’d prefer a MacBook Pro w/ a 15-inch screen, but the extra expense is tough to justify on my high school teacher budget! I know personal requirements vary, but would still appreciate some other people’s opinions. Thanks!

Desktop viewing space is always a consideration in using any application that has multiple panels that are used concurrently. So the rule of thumb is the more desktop viewing space you have the easier it is to use the application. Given the choice between processor power and size of desk top most people would be advised to go for the bigger desktop. If you can connect an additional display to your Mac Book to expand your desktop that would be a really nice option. But the best advice I can give to you is that you can never have too much desktop and you will always wish you got the most you could possibly afford with in reason. -JK

For a portable set up I have a 12” 1.50 G4 power book and a 15” flat panel monitor which I use along with a 6” wacom tablet, works OK for simple things, I put all my controls like time line, exposure sheet, ect on the 12” power book screen and use the 15” for camera and drawing views, the power book has a NVIDA 5200 go graphics video card with 64 megs video ram, it’s not enough to run open gl, it will run but to slow to be useable, runs much faster if you disable the open gl so no big deal.

The mac books duel core processor is much faster, the biggest difference between the mac book and mac book pro is the mac book has an Intel graphics chip set with 64 megs shared video ram, and that may or may not be a problem, I don’t you should probably be OK with ver 3.0 not sure of the requirements of ver 3.5. but to try to run just on the mac book screen without a duel monitor setup would be painful, but the same goes for the mac book pro, it would be only a little better. I run at home on a 17” 1.25 e-mac a very slow machine radion 9200 graphics card 32 megs video ram, I run it with a 19” sync master duel monitor setup works OK without open gl. But even if you had duel 30” monitors if you could get it you would want more lol.

Good Luck