MacBook Pro Retina (2012) compatibility

I’m planning to buy a MacBook Pro (Retina), 2012, later this year, and I have two questions.
1. Will it run Harmony?
2. Will Harmony be retina display ready at some point?

So, the Retina MacBook Pro is on the way.
I will soon be able to answer my own question :wink:

Are you planning to use Autodesk Maya with it? The Quadro K2000M on my HP works like a dream…

I have decided to stop buying Apple, cannot deal with Lion or the direction of glued, fused,welded hardware that can only be upgraded at purchase. and the delay in a real desktop with USB 3.0, eSATA, and Thunder-dolt…
I got a sweet deal and bought an HP Elite 8570w Mobile Workstation: 2.70ghz Quad core 3rd gen., 500GB 7,200 HD, nVidia Quadro K2000M 398cores, 1920X1080 screen, 32GB of 1600 DRAM, Blue-ray RW, Express-card/54, eSATA port, powered USB 3.0, Wifi, Ethernet, 56K modem, fingerprint scanner…much more all for $2,700!!! It’s quite the beast but so easy to use as a desktop replacement.

More importantly using Maya 2013 to batch render FBX files with Harmony 10 is as smooth as silk and is very fast rendering drawings over 1,000 frames. I judge this on my base model MacPro early 2009 8 core, Quadro 4000, 24GB of RAM, HP Z800, Quadro 4000, 24GB of RAM and the new HP elite book 8570w Mobile Workstation with 32GB RAM, K2000M.

Harmony 10 rocks and there is nothing like it on the market. With Maya it creates a major revolution in 3D-2D Animation, biggest thing since the printing press and the Reformation. Harmony 10 blows 9.2 and everything TB has doen so far out of the water. It also makes 3D MAX look clunky and old.

Harmony 10 is now the industry leader. I wish Harmony sold stock.

I can see no reason why the Retina will not be able to use Harmony 10 and Maya 2012/13. Stage and Maya batch render uses only a small amount of memory and if you set the Maya render preferences to half of the total cores it should work just fine with the CPU and GPU configs of the Retina.

Please let us know what the Retina is like. you will not use the ideal Retina setting which is 1490 pixels approx…, but will have to use the slide to get 1920X1080.

Have fun: nothing like opening a new Apple computer.

Buy Harmony 10 now while the special promotion is offered. I was lucky to Beta test the pre-release as I use a lot of Maya files and it’s worth sending your children out to work in the cotton mills.:slight_smile:

Just got the new Retina with 16GB ram. It’s great :wink:
I won’t know for sure until I test it in a real project, but so far Harmony 9.2 seems to work fine, in all resolutions. I’d love v10, but I won’t update until I have a project with a budget to support updating. I’m pretty broke now, especially since I’m going to the Hiroshima Animation Festival.

ps. I’ve got all Mac stuff, and for portability, power and reliability I think the Mac platform is awesome. Works great for me. But maybe I’m barista :wink:

Well I have volume licenses of my Adobe products which are cross platform and so is Harmony. As for Harmony 10 I bought my Harmony 9.2 license with contracts for support and maintenance. I was cut a very, very, very sweet deal: I am beautiful,…" to sexy for my shirt" (Right Said Fred) so that may account for the deal. Call up a sales rep and see if you are eligible for the same kind of deal I received. It may not cost you much if you bought the support package.

You might not need Harmony 10 until you have to do some heavy lifting. I have usually 3 Maya FBX files running along 1,000 frames at Film 1:33 pixel ratio so I need true 64bit or else Maya tends to eat up the CPU. OSX is very forgiving of 32bit and 64bit batch rendering but Windows is not.

Call the sales people: who knows you may get the same deal I did.

But I’m so happy that the Retina is working well. Do you use it with a portable RAID?

Please let us all know about the Hiroshima Anime festival goes.
Rainen wa nyūyōku kara Tōkyō ni ryokō shitai to kangaete imasu. Tanoshiinde!
So jealous. Good luck!

I love my HP products for being modular and easy to upgrade…even the power supply. But I have to say Apple Customer Care after purchase is something I do miss. Still the power of the HP mobile workstations are outstanding. Made like a tank for those working in a tank.

I’ll have as much fun as I can. It’s a crazy year with a Norwegian special programme. I’m very lucky to represent 3 of my films. And my buddies at Mikrofilm are representing like a dozen or so. Crazy year, I’m telling you.

I’ll have as much fun as I can. It’s a crazy year with a Norwegian special programme. I’m very lucky to represent 3 of my films. And my buddies at Mikrofilm are representing like a dozen or so. Crazy year, I’m telling you.

Well it sounds like you deserve it. Well done. Oh, how long are your films? And are they a narrative or experimental? Do you use 3D?

Thanks. These films are varying length. Ranging between 1-15 minutes. Not that experimental I think. Well, maybe a tiny bit of experimenting :slight_smile: The ones that were picked are all straight 2D. I rarely make use of proper 3D.

You can see some of my work on my homepage or search for Palegolas on Vimeo or YouTube if you’re interested.