Macbook and Macbook pro restart every time it goes to sleep after the installation of Toon Boom

I am currently using two MacBooks, Macbook pro 2019 and Macbook 2017.

Both of them works fine until I installed Harmony.

I first installed Harmony on my Macbook pro, and it started to have GPU panic and restarted every time it went to sleep. For a couple of times, it even crashed when I was trying to export my project. I tried troubleshooting in the safe mode and it turns out that Harmony couldn’t be opened in the safe mode, which I assumed to be the problem.

But then I did some research online and apparently a lot of people have this similar issue(GPU panic) with their newer version of Macbook pro, so I decided to give Toon Boom another try on my older MacBook. I installed Toon Boom on my Macbook a few days ago and now it also has the same issue-- it crashes every time it goes to sleep.

Does anyone have a similar issue?

Please HELP!

using a drawing screen like a cintiq or anything like that? seems hardware/gpu related. not sure how harmony could possibly be affecting your system just by being installed.

i’ve had harmony installed on a bunch of different mac configs, currently on a mac mini 2018 with an e-gpu and previously on a macbook pro 2017 (and many other configs before that), not any of the issues you are describing.

have you already set these computers to always use the discrete high performance gpu option in system prefs? not going to blindly defend toonboom when there may be something i’m not aware of that gets slipped into your OS, but i still feel like harmony is going to be a “red herring” here – something else is going on…

Hello Ghibli_Tan,

We mostly use MacBooks in the office and I don’t know if anyone of us runs into those kinds of crashes, but the best team equipped to help you troubleshoot this is out support team at

If you can provide them with a copy of your project, they can help troubleshoot your issues more in-depth as well.