Is Toon Boom better suited for Mac computers? I am really hitting a stump here, because the only thing I have to really edit it Movie Maker and some other unreliable downloaded editor that I am five seconds away from deleting, while Mac has its own editor, and it accepts Mov. files, far as I can tell. Movie Maker only takes Avi, and In toon boom Avi files are saved as very blocky. I am having trouble at this point deciding whether to switch laptops. :-\

Well, I don’t think, that Mac’s are better suited for Studio than PC’s…

Before you take the plunge… you might like and check out:
Adobe Premiere/Elements, Sony Vegas/Movie Studio, Pinnacle Studio, Roxio Creator,
Ulead Video Studio, Avid Media Composer, Virtual Dub, Jashaka, and many more…


Thanks for the information. Sony Vegas has caught my eye. Best reviewed of all of those on amazon. Seems reliable. I just need to make sure it will accept the darn mov. files.

Now, just so you know, I’m a Mac fanatic. In the extreme sense of the word. I’ve been working professionally in video production for the past 15 years and have used practically every editing app under the sun - and I will not use anything other than Final Cut for video editing -


I have a very close friend who’s been editing since he was 14 years old (we’re both in our 40’s). He’s used even more apps than I have!! And what does he swear by and won’t use anything else but?


So, take it for what it’s worth - if I had to go PC, I would use Vegas.

Thanks so much. I got Vegas, I love it. The play back is a little choppy but I can see whats happening. The effect are great. Thanks so much for the advise! Vegas is everything I was looking for. lol. I have a feeling one day I will switch to Mac though…

I would seriously recommend it. There’s a VERY VERY good reason it’s the number one personal computer in creative communities.

IMHO there are two basic questions that you can ask yourself to help you decide what to get:

1) What will i be doing MOST on this machine - Playing fancy video games (PC) -or- getting paid to make the graphics for video games (PC)

2) How much money can I spend? I’m a trust fund baby (Mac) -or- I’m living paycheck to paycheck working two jobs and have 8 kids (PC)

I’m joking of course, but the principles are there. There are boons and banes to both, so the most important thing is to know exactly what you want to accomplish, and then do the research to find a tool that best gets you where you want to be.

Toon Boom Studio is compatible with Windows 7