mac vs pc

Some of my Toon Boom Studio projects on my PC crashes Toon Boom Studio 7.1 when exporting to .mov file. Same projects on Imac exports perfectly to .mov file. PC uses windows 7 64bit it has 12gbs mem Nvidia GTX 560ti Imac uses 10.7.5 macOS only 4gb mem. and low end Geforce 9400. Does anyone know why because Toon Boom Studio tech support has no fix for this obvious software glitch.

Contact and provide the exact movie export settings used, codec/compressor used, keyframe options, audio options. Also provide a screenshot or the error and the details of the error message or crash report. Mention also the exact version of and build number of Quicktime that’s installed in your system. You may be asked to provide a copy of the project for analysis if the obvious cause cannot be found.

After trying all of the above and other suggestions with no success I used Win 7 compatibility check for program problems and it tested Windows Xp (Service Pack 2) compatibility mode to start Toon Boom Studio 7.1
Using the same project, that was crashing Toon Boom Studio while exporting to movie using normal Win 7 startup of program, I was able to export to movie no crash.
So their is an incompatibility issue in Toon Boom Studio code running in a Windows 7 64 bit computer unless u run it in xp mode. Their techies should be informed so they can patch the program.
Thanks for the help

That’s actually not the case. I have Windows 7 installed at work and at home. I can export just fine without needing to resort to XP compatibility mode. This may be due to some specific quirk in your version of Windows, perhasps due to other programs installed or ininstalled from your system.

I have same problem on PC using win8.1 some animations crash when exporting to .mov. I also use an imac and same animation that crashes using PC exports perfectly with imac? the crash occurs when animation starts the pass process on the pc.