Mac vs PC rendering speed and performance

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I am looking to change to a Mac in the next month or so. I am wondering if the Mac still holds an edge on graphics and rendering with the latest versions of Leopard, as well as the hardware changes that have occurred with the Mac. I know that in the past, before the dual core processors, Mac had a decisive edge over the PC in rendering speeds, but I am done with the PC and am making the change. I am just wondering if the Mac is much faster at the rendering of the images in ToonBoom…



Overall both are now pretty equal. You should have pretty similar performances on an XP machine than you will have on a OSX 10.5 leopard if you have similar hardware on both machine. Vista is still a little slower then XP but else then that everything is pretty even for Toon Boom Studio.

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Thank you Ugo. I was really not sure about the differences in todays world between the two platforms. Thanks again!


I also use a mac (see my specs below). Render times are fairly good compared to other animation programs. However I’ve had 3 crashes in the one week I’ve had the software directly related to rendering. So in case anyone else comes by this thread, it might be good to be aware of this too.

I really prefer Mac :wink:

Ive been running pc without any errors/crashes at all. Rendering isn’t very fast though, never used mac for toon boom so cant compare. The program is a pretty light program though you should be fine with either one. Your computer specs play a bigger role in how the program will work then the operating system

PC seems more economical you can have more bang for the buck if you know what your are doing

but Mac is more reliable, imo