Mac Version 2.5 PreliminaryTest Report

Howdy, Toon Boomers–

I finally got around to creating a short animation using the new TBS Mac Version 2.5 and it is a vast improvement. The new version works much more smoothly with the Wacom tablet/stylus. In the old version, it was very frustrating as I tried to connect the drawn lines properly. Recall how, when you tried to paint-bucket the enclosed areas, if there was even the slightest disconnect, it either wouldn’t fill or it flooded into other areas?

Well, it now seems to work nearly flawlessly. I had to occasionally go in and fix a spot here and there, but mainly, when I drew a line up next to another line, it connected without having to zoom-in on areas to detect dozens of broken lines and connect them.

The old eraser tool was very problematic, at least on my computer. It now erases quickly and smoothly.

On my new test animation, “Monkeybone”, I drew the whole thing directly with the Wacom–however, I didn’t use any of the cool things Toon Boom offers, like the Pegs, so I can’t comment on any improvements there.

Consequently, this is only a preliminary report, but everything I did employ worked great. Some of the improvements, I’m sure, are due to my now having a more powerful computer (Mac G4 867 MHz, 1 GB SDRAM & Mac OS X Version 10.3.4) than I used on my first TBS effort, “HatMan Serenade”. However, I’m certain that a large share of the stability I enjoyed while using Version 2.5, was due to the Toon Boom designers–thanks, team, for producing a from-the-ground-up Macintosh version.

I experienced zero crashes and the sound file import and editing went smoothly without a hitch. No deadly spinning Beachballs of Death!

You can take a peek at “Monkeybone” on the Toon Boom Showcase. By the way, I created the music for it using Apple’s delightful software, “GarageBand”. I’m not about to toss out my mandolin, but GarageBand is truly a hoot & if you are on a Mac, I recommend getting the new iLife (for a measly $50) to get it.

Best Wishes,

Hello, The even bigger M–

I appreciate your response to Monkeybone. It was a quickie, but I’m actually pleased at how the little scoundrel turned out.

Thanks for mentioning Steven’s thread concerning the quartz option. I, too, find that dismaying. I hope Toon Boom adresses it one day, but I doubt we should hold our collective breath. I’m just grateful that they finally released Version 2.5 and that it works so well.

It’ll be a while before I do another animation using Toon Boom, since I have another project I dreamed up which will combine stop-motion along with drawn animation. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll be doing it, but I am waiting for a new Sony Camcorder to arrive so I can begin.

I’ll notify Toon Boomers when it’s available for viewing, although it’s gonna be a while–I think this one will be fairly complex. When it is completed, I’ll try out TBS more fully.

Thanks also for helping everyone in these forums with questions. It’s too bad they don’t always let you know if your advice helped or not, but I hope you’ll keep helping out anyway.

Best, Elwood