Mac users: "Go To First Frame" key command

On the Apple keyboard hold down the “fn” function key and press the left or right arrow keys. This takes you to the first or last frame in your timeline. It’s the equivalent of the Windows HOME and END keys.

This is good info. I’m looking to transfer to mac soon, and I’d love to know some of the equivalent shortcuts.

Since we’re on the subject, does anyone know how to bring up the function button that takes you to a selected object in the timeline, in Windows or Mac?

Nobody, huh? Usually there’s a button on the timeline to take you to the currently selected object in the timeline view, but it’s not in my window for some reason.

I was looking for this type of fonction!!!

Do you know if it’s possible to “fix” the red cursor in the timeline, and the time line, the layers, will slip in the background? Like in music software… (because with long timelines, I loose time to look after the cursor… ;D)

In both Windows and Mac, to bring you to the selected object is O or Shift+O. Make sure that the focus is around the Timeline view. You also might have to press it a few times if you have a deep hierarchy.


Not possible at the moment, sorry!