MAC Universal Binary V3.5 Installation

V3.5 installed OK and appears to be working, it recognizes and reuses changes to the panel layout just fine on restarts, but every time I exit the application and restart V3.5 it goes through the initialization questions as if it were a brand new install asking for my name and liciense key on every restart. I am using it on a MAC G4 PPC OSX 10.4.6. Some hand holding is greatly appreciated. -JK

I am not totally sure how I resolved this start up issue but it has been resolved. I did two things so I suspect that one of them was successful. First, I used Disk Utility to verify and repair permissions on my application start up drive. Second after starting TBS V3.5 I went into preferences and reset the start up to begin with the new welcome screen. The I restarted TBS V3.5 and it now starts without asking me for my initialization info on each start up. I also went back into preferences and set the start up to start with a default animation set file instead of the new welcome screen, this is more like V3.0.2. This did not cause any problems and the v3.5 application now starts up normally. So, one problem resolved. Don’t you just love software upgrades. -JK