Mac OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) compatible?

Is Harmony 9 Mountain Lion compatible?
Could someone give me a hint of the status on this?

I was able to install a beta of Harmony 10 on my MacBook AIR 2011 running Lion. I do not know the status of Mountain Lion as I now have stopped buying apple computers due to the miserable direction of OSX and their fused, glued and underpowered computers.

Snow Leopard is/was the very best OS ever invented but Apple decided to turn it into a plaything. I actually prefer Windows 7 to Lion.

Oops ranting!:slight_smile:

Your question is YES it installs and I think it works ok from my experience using a pre-release beta.

BUY Harmony 10 it’s awesome.

Yeah, most of lion is a fiasco. Snow Leopard was made with optimisation in mind… this has been forgotten in lion, it seems. I think Mountain Lion looks promising though. Probably the next version, Pink Panther(?) will be great again :wink:

I am thinking lolcat

As somebody who just bought a Mac Pro I can tell you that Mountain Lion is just as crappy as Lion was. And the “great” (insert sarcasm here) thing is that you can’t format and install Leopard because Lion+ is all in the firmware. I think the last apple has fallen off the tree…

We are now compatible on Mountain Lion. There’s a process you may have to follow to install the license, with the changes they made to licensing.

You can find the instructions on the Features page, here linked, on the right hand side under the system specs