Mac OS X Snow Leopard warns about Animate 2 being an Internet application

Since I installed Animate 2, Mac whines about it being a download Internet application every time I start it up. Haven’t had this happen on any other Toon Boom product. Or on any other software that I’ve downloaded (Sibelius, FCE, Firefox, etc).

I couldn’t find a graceful way to turn off the quarantine flag, so I used a big hammer:

find “Toon Boom Animate 2” -exec xattr -d {} ;

You can run this from the terminal after changing directory to the /Applications folder.

I am guessing that is because the licence manager connects whenever possible to check the licence is vaild (that said the software runs without an internet connection).

It should only give you this error the first time you run the software. Did you install the software with an administrative account? ~LillyToon Boom Support

I did install it with my admin account.

Are you starting the software from the .dmg or did you copy it to Applications and run it from Applications?~LillyToon Boom Support

Downloaded the .dmg file, then logged in as an administrator and copied it to Applications. Logged out of administrator and started it as my normal user.

We are unable to reproduce that problem on our end. We will have to investigate further to see if we can make this happen. The only thing that I can suggest is to delete it and re-install. It sounds like you did everything correctly, however - drag the file into Applications with the administrator account. Then eject the mount after it’s done. Now run the program, it will give you the error about it being downloaded from the internet.Did you try running the software under the administrative account before you logged onto the other account? That might be worth a try. Run it on the administrator account, get the message. Run it again, and see whether the message disappears. Then log off and go onto your other account and see if the message occurs here.~LillyToon Boom Support

Lilly, one thing may have made a difference. After I installed and started it using my admin account, the dialogue popped up. It had the option to ignore, but I think that I just cancelled that dialogue box.

That may have done it. If you accept this dialogue in your admin account, then when you go back to the regular account, hopefully it should work. Is this the case?~LillyToon Boom Support