Mac or Windows?


I want to use Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 but I only have a very very very old laptop. I will first have to buy a new computer but which will be better for TBAP2, a Mac or a Windows computer? And why?

Thanks in advance

A Mac or a windows machine is really a personal preference. I like my Mac, but I have no problems with using PCs-just decide whats right for you and your budget. These days they both seem to be quite good at handling Toonboom or Adobe software. Just have plenty of RAM and the latest OS and you’re good to go…

Thank you for your reaction. Are there no differences in handling Toon Boom at all?

One good thing about Macs is that they hold their value really well, so when it comes time to upgrade you can sell it on eBay and put the money toward your new machine. I recently did this with my trusty 2006 Macbook Pro which handled Animate Pro no worries.

Oke, so for TB it really doesn’t matter? I think I will go for a new iMac and upgrade the RAM.
Thank you for your reactions.

I’d also suggest opting for an iMac with 512mb VRAM instead of 256mb VRAM.

I am bit late in but I think you choice here shouldn’t be on Animate since both run it perfecty.

Personally I am for PC’s because of more compatbility with software and much cheaper (you going to be paying a signifcant amount more for the same power with a mac).

The argument Dessie made about resale value is something I have never considered but that certainly would take away some of the extra cost issues.

More important than Mac or PC is to know what the graphics card is inside of it, and what the processor is. The nice thing about Macs is they almost all ship with great graphics cards in them, so you don’t really have to worry too much about it. With PCs, you have to be vigilant to make sure that you don’t get a PC that has an Integrated Intel video card.

Also the one other thing is that Windows 7 and Vista have some extra stuff that can slow down or bog down the operations. This is generally in the Aero theme. If you right-click on the Desktop however and disable Aero, then you should be just fine with Windows.

I used to be all about PCs, but since using a Mac for a year and a half, I am really loving that as well. I use a MacBook Air when I’m on the road, and it’s just a little slow on the render (if you want a very reliable machine then get a MacBook Pro for a laptop). I’ve also seen a lot of people that will use the new iMacs.

And I’m sure you can get loads of feedback from people that use PCs as well. :slight_smile:

So make sure that the computer has an NVidia or ATI graphics card inside!