MAC or Windows

I wanna ask it must be use MAC system to learn Toon Boom because Ia m using win7 but i face some problem .

also I can install MAC system in any computer or I need to buy Apple PC?

what is the difference between the versions of the program

1- Toon Boom Studio 8
Animation in Full Gear!

2- Toon Boom Animate 3
Paperless Frame-By-Frame Animation Software

3- Toon Boom Animate Pro 3
Cut-out Rigging and Animation software

4- Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4
The tool for planning games, live action and animation.

and which the best to buy??

Toon Boom software runs on both Windows and OS X (with intel chips). When you purchase the software you are eligible to use it on either Windows or OS X. Even if you buy a boxed package with DVD’s (TB Studio) once you activate the license online you receive download links to Windows and OS X operating system versions.

To answer your second question, you can run TB software on Windows and you do not need to deal with Macs at all. The Mac operating system OS X can be installed on non-Mac systems but it is not supported my Apple, it only works on certain hardware but it requires varying degrees of hacking. Such a system is referred to as a hackintosh (Macintosh).

A very general answer:

Studio, Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony all allow you to do frame-by-frame and cutout puppet style character rigging animation. They all have drawing tools that work well with a tablet. As you move up the tools and features are more refined, there are more of them, the tools also make things easier even though there are more of them and they have greater depth/capability and the results can be superior because of it.

Studio and Animate have layer based effects. Animate Pro and Harmony have node based effects. More can be done with node based effects because there is a degree of limitation in a layer style approach. Some things just cannot be set up using layers that can be done with nodes.

Storyboard Pro is not an animation program. It is a program used for planning out animation. You work up a series of still drawings depicting the story arc. It does do what is called an “animatic” which is a short animated sequence mainly to illustrate something better communicated in motion to be refined and recreated later in a film using other software. Many people use Storyboard and additional software for the animation.

As for the best buy, it depends on what you want to do and your hardware. I am just a beginner trying to learn everything I can only having started in June of 2014. I purchased the prior version of Studio (7) and in my research to learn about it I decided to crossgrade to Animate Pro during a summer sale. It was the sweet spot/best buy for me but I would not have realized it had I not taken the path I described.

I just felt like the tools and capability of Animate Pro would suit my interests better. My system does not meet the minimum requirements but I was able to run the PLE’s. I don’t have the money to jump into Harmony and it would also require me to buy a new computer. Now that I have had time to learn more about the whole process I am taking the steps to upgrade everything to at least the next version of Pro when it is released. A new computer is a priority before that will be possible.