Mac Mini with 10.5.8 Software

I have a Mac Mini with Mac 10.5.8 software. It can’t be upgraded. Does anybody know where to find a version of ToonBoom that will work on it?

Thank You.

Download a PLE of the current version and see if it runs. If it doesn’t contact Sales for an earlier PLE. I was in a similar situation. My Mac Mini is running 10.6.8 not meeting the current minimum requirements. Sales was going to set up an earlier version for me. In the meantime I tried the current PLE. It worked fine and I bought Animate Pro 3. Have yet to see a problem.

I also have Studio 7 which runs on my system. There are two copies available at this moment on Amazon:
I have not tried the current version on my system. I jumped to Animate Pro 3.

I would aim for some form of Animate instead. IMO Studio is a stripped down program and not so much a beginner’s easy introduction style of software. Animate has more to learn given that it has more features but there are plenty of good tutorials around. It does everything better than Studio and both the process and result are more refined.

BTW, your system would meet the minimum requirements for Studio 6: