Mac install problems - error. cannot open library.

I purchased ToonBoom for a friend and have been trying to help her. Since on the install CD, unlike many Mac programs out there, dragging the program to the Apps icon on the install disc did not work. The icon was not aliased to the Apps folder. So she dragged it to her desktop. She’s new to Macs, trying to move from an older Dell laptop to her 24" iMac.

She ran ToonBoom. Registered. Tried to jump in and use it like Flash. Got frustrated that is was not working right–well not like Flash. Dragging from the library to the stage does not work like Flash. Realized her mistake and tried to uninstall it. She tried reinstalling it came up with an error:

I helped her to delete her preferences and clean out what files I thought it installed, but after a few reinstalls, it still does not work.

What is the proper way to uninstall and do a clean reinstall?

Do anyone have tips from someone that is used to Flash to learn Toon Boom?

Jus trying to ease her frustrations.


Concerning the uninstalling of Toon Boom Studio on Mac you need to first put the software in the trash can. Then go in Library>Preferences and remove all content related to Toon Boom Studio. Then go in Library>Receipts and remove all content related to Toon Boom Studio (the previous 2 library are the drive library not the user one). Once this is done you should be good to install over again.

Concerning Flash JK-TGRS has made a serie of article to introduce users to Toon Boom Studio, some of which aimed toward Flash user going to TBS. The whole index of those articles are available at the following link (JK himself will most likely point out which specific ones she should go over but in the meantime she can start going through the basic ones):

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I might also add that there is a great little freebie app called AppDelete which finds and trashes all related files for you. You would simply drag the TBS application onto the AppDelete icon and within a few seconds all related TBS files will be in the trash (where you can view all the files before you empty it.)


Wow! Thanks for the quick responses. Hopefully this will work for her.

She was trying to follow the tutorials, but without the library, nothing was working.

I really look forward to seeing what she makes.