Mac Install Not Running - Just Bounces and Bounces

I downloaded the Toon Boom disc image from the internet and installed it. It opened.

Later, it bounced and bounced and didn’t open. I also saw there was another version on my computer.

I deleted both, re-downloaded the image and re-installed it.

It still bounces and bounces.

I tried repairing the drive and the permissions allow for downloaded apps, so I’m stumped. When this happens for the students, we dump their user account and it fixes it. I would rather not do that, but fixing it is eluding me.

Any thoughts? Have you seen this before? I feel like there must be residue left over from the last install, but I could be making that up.

Any suggestions are appreciated. I’ve spent an hour searching the internet for fixes and trying things.

The operating system is OS X 10.9.4

What system are you attempting to install this on?
What version of OS X are you using?

When deleting, have you completely removed every file related to the software using the Finder/search/content/system method?

Curious, is the the PLE or paid .dmg? If it is the paid .dmg I would try to install the PLE as an experiment.

Ultimately you should contact Support and open a ticket. They helped me out after I had a series of things go wacky on my system. In my case it was my system and not a direct problem with the software but they got it up and running.

All the files were cleared. How do I find a ple of Animate 2?

Contact Sales or Support.

When I was researching Toon Boom products to purchase I asked to purchase Animate 2 even though 3 had been released. My system did not meet the minimum requirements for version 3. During the span of time we were emailing back and forth in conversation I downloaded the PLE to Animate 3 and Animate Pro 3. Both worked without any problem. Sales would have provided a version 2 if I wanted it but I ended up purchasing Animate Pro 3. I am pretty sure they will provide the PLE for version 2.

If you can run 10.9 you ought to be able to run the latest Toon Boom products though.

You really ought to contact Support.