Mac goes Intel, are you?

Hi ToonBoomers.
I love Toon Boom Studio. I’ve also been checking out TBSolo, but decided that TBStudio is my way for another round. Might add Solo later if I get on to bigger projects that demands better structure.

But now to the point (that affects all Toon Boom products.)
Apple is going Intel Core Duo at this very moment, and sooner this year the PowerMac is also gonna go intel and get perhaps get a new name.

How far on the Mac intel transition is Toon Boom Studio (and Solo, and Harmony too for that matter?) Can we expect a universal binary version of Toon Boom Studio for Mac OS X 10.4.4 this spring now that the intel macs are finally coming out?

I have been wondering about that myself. I looked at the mac website and it says that the new Intel computers include a Rosetta program that translates “most” programs for use with the Intel chip. Weather this will work with Toon Boom remains to be seen. My wife and I are going to purchase an apple computer to run Toon Boom. I wonder if anyone knows if Toon Boom wil function on an iMac?

a tiny search wouldn’t hurt:;action=display;threadid=1894

the question would still remain:
did you port tbs on the test intel mac machine you meant in your reply through rosetta or native?

i like this, intel has really stepped up their game