Mac 3.5 version won't draw..

Hi, I didn’t see a troubleshooting section, so I thought I’d pop this in here.

I just installed the 3.5 version on my G5 Mac and the pencil and brush won’t draw – there’s just a dot at the start of the stroke. Is this a known problem, like a setting or something?

Thing is, my Wacom tablet is still working just fine in version3.0…

Sam Comstock

I just got Karina’s email about a new build for Mac, so I downloaded again (from the same link) and now the installed About window reads “Build 59”.

The Wacom PEN works now, thanks! But the Wacom mouse still gives just a dot with the brush tool and nothing with the pencil tool, so a little more probing may be in order. However, I’m off to have fun with the new features! Yay!

I’m using a pretty old Graphire tablet, by the way (I know, I’d love to upgrade…) and it still works fine with 3.0.

Thanks again,

Hi Sam,

Thank you for pointing out the mouse problem. It will be mentioned to RnD early next week and should be address in the next build available. In the mean time you should use your a normal mouse or use the pen to draw.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,