MAC 10.8.5: Failed to load user interface

Installing a new copy of Toon Boom Studio, the LicenseWizard is telling me:

Failed to load user interface file (LWAPP_ActivationHome.ui).

Exiting application.


The problem laid in the type of hard drive formatting on a Mac that included case sensitivity.

It should just be Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

I recently purchased ToonBoom Studio and was excited to try it out. However - I get this exact same error and the application will not load.

I have my hard drive formatted as case sensitive for my work as a developer, and for me it is not an option to use a non-case-sensitive file system.

Please consider this a formal request for ToonBoom Studio to work with case sensitive file systems. This is the only application that I have ever had trouble running on my case-sensitive computer.

It’s not specifically the application that’s the problem, it would be the user account that you restored from
the old non case-sensitive O.S. to this new one. Yes, mostly OSX can find your home directory on the system
but there are some aspects/methods of the O.S. that will fail because “User123” (for example) is different
than “user123”.

Short of reformatting the drive, why not just make a new user account and install the software from the
newly-created user?