Maacbook Pro Retina

I was wondering if anyone had tested Harmony on a Macbook Pro Retina.

You have users on all new hardware and platform!
Harmony 10 works amazingly well on Windows 8, so well I am planning to buy an MS surface Pro so as to use the stylus with Harmony on a hybrid tablet 1920X1080 pixel screen.

By the way I have some feedback on Windows 8 and harmony 10 on an HP Z800 12 core, mirrored C-drive, Quadro 4000 and a touch screen from Acer.

Harmony works well in 8 except for a few little issues.

Will harmony work on the surface?

I have been testing Harmony on the Lenovo Tablet X230T which uses the newest Intel 4000 graphics (Ivy Bridge). It works very well. I have not run into any issues and have pushed it fairly hard. The newer Intel integrated graphics support OpenGL which was not true for past versions. Certainly, it is not going to be as good as a dedicated graphics card, but it seems to be adequate for my own purposes.
My concerns on the current new crop of Windows 8 tablets: Poor stylus support and focus on lower level Intel processors. Also, few of them have Wacom hardware, which is an important feature. I think the upcoming Surface Pro from Microsoft, which will not be ARM and will have a full version of Windows 8, which should theoretically run Harmony, will have problems. I think the plan is to use an Intel Atom processor, which is certainly better than the older Intel Atoms, but likely not good enough. It will have a stylus, I hear. It may run Harmony, because it will be x86 based, but I doubt Harmony will run adequately.
Windows 8 really does not offer anything special on Harmony. Once you open Harmony, the OS is not important. On the other hand, I would love to see Windows 8 push stylus use on future laptops.
Unfortunately, I see no compelling hardware out there yet. Maybe 2013 CES in January will have something?
Speaking of CES, check out my 4 minute “best of” animation about CES:

Yes indeed, we do have some users already using Harmony on the new Retina Macbooks.


Harmony is not supported to run on ARM technology, which is used on the Surface tablet today. However if you see, on Microsoft’s website they have a notice that there’s a version of the Surface that will come soon with Windows 8 Pro.

It’s possible that our technology might be supported on that tablet. We will have to see whether they release it with NVidia technology behind the graphics. If they do, then it will work. If they go with Intel Integrated chipset, then the OpenGL support is not good enough for our needs.

If I were you, I would wait a few months to see some Pro tablets coming into this market.