Lucky Coin Animation

heres my first real attempt at frame by frame. any commentwould be really helpfull.
Thanks Harley

I didn’t really understand the video at all.

The character looked a bit like it was walking on glass.

The bit where he disappeared worked well with the simple transition.

For the intro, did you do that in Animate? If you did, just curious on your method.

i didnt really notice the glass thing i thought th walk cycle was pretty good.
yeh i done the intro in animate it was pretty simple u just have to break apart your text twice, copy and paste it on how many frames you want it to last, erase a little part at a time until its all gone then copy all frame then paste revese

what TheRaider probably meant, is that your background moves slower in comparison to your character, and i agree. if you set your background to move on a peg/camera, try adjusting the start frame and end frame until it looks better.

i like the intro too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, i notice it now.
all i want to do is practice animation but im not that good at thinking up ideas. if anybody hs any short ideas it would be very helpfull

intro is really good, animation is good, again with the walking on glass thing, not sure i understood what happened?

keep up the good work, looking forward to more of your work

Hi Harley

I think the perceived problem with the walk cycle is the “glide”. What I think you have is a foot going doing then sliding backwards. When the foot goes down the back tip of the heel should stay in that position while the second leg goes past. If you create a new “guide” layer and create a drawing marking the points at which the heel goes down you can keep checking to make sure the heel stays in place. You probably need to do this with a stationary background at first.

Hope this helps.


I am not sure why you would be moving the background at all, the camera does that!

Basically Roberto’s advice is spot on IMO. Even go as far as drawing a footprint and making sure the foot stays in it.

That glide is something everyone does when they start. I most certainly have been guilty of it.

hanks for the advice every1 it has been really helpfull. my next little project doesnt have a walk in it but once i do that i think i might practice a few different walks.
thanks again, Harley

sorry to veer off a little here, but help me understand something TheRaider, how do you keep a walking character in the centre if you’re moving the camera? do you not need to move the background instead? is there a way a camera could skip a layer?

What I do is start by forgetting the camera. Have a static background and then Animate the character walking accross the screen. Then when I am happy. I then Animate the Camera so the Character remains in the centre of the screen (if that is what i wanted to do).

IMO it much easier to get things looking right without camera movements and adding them afterwards.

I think you misread what I wrote because I never said to not use the camera.

i don’t think i misread what you wrote. i figured if you’d move the camera instead of the background as you said, you would then have to move your character as well and then make sure the camera and character are at the same speed so your character stays right in the center.
i draw the walking/running character in the center. then i move the background. but that’s interesting, though more complicated and takes more time, i may try your method to see the difference . thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

Ahh okay I see what you are saying.

I always love doing backgrounds with lots of layers, then using the z depth they automatically move different speeds when moving the Camera. It really gives life to scenes.

I think for someone not that gifted art wise, it gives me better animations because I am not using my judgement the walk is right, I know it is. That said I often just zoom in so I don’t need a walk at all! Guess I have been watching too much south park.

That method seems pretty good but surely if youre doing a reasonably long walk then you wont be able to make a cycle

Because all the horizontal movement is on your masterpeg, you make that invisble to hide horizontal animation. That will help you with your walk cycle.

Since this is an interesting topic (my way isn’t right, just one possible way), I might make a little tutorial to explain it better.

raider that would be great. id like to see a few different ways to do a walk cycle and i can only find cut-out tutorials on youtube