LOVE the new forum Toon Boom

Search feature. Yay!

I’d love to be able to direct message members on the forum when needed.


That’s perfect to me thank you.

Luis Canau

Opening attachments/links on a new tab would be better than opening on the same as it is. External links in general make more sense to open on a different tab since you probably want to continue were you were, and maybe it’s just me but I’m used to open different tabs and closing them when I finish reading or looking at an image or video. With the forum sometimes I close the tab and then there’s no ‘back’ available. (Sure, I can middle-click.)

Luis Canau

We should not have to leave to see image and video references in posts. If Toon Boom is going to pay attention to this thread I suggest activating media links so they display videos and displaying linked images would visually enliven the forum.

As of this moment 3 days have passed and 3 days is a long “right now” to flip a switch to include dates on posts (or are they writing the code for this forum from scratch?).

To your question I’ll offer what is right about actual date and time. At a glance you instantly know when. You don’t get sucked into counting backwards.

Thank you everyone for the positive and constructive feedback.

Monitoring forums and the spam are a top priority and we are moving forward with new plans. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to read more from you.


Hi guys, We kept the relative time but we added the actual date and time on each post. Hope you like it!!


I concur, this is an improvement.

Including the date of the last post would be useful so you have an idea how old it is.

Now if they can regularly clear out the SPAM…

Thanks guys! We’re putting the last post date right now! And it’s a becoming a priority for us to make this user forum a success so we’ll be monitoring the spam.

Is it possible to ban relative dates? “6 months ago”? What’s wrong with actual date and time?

Luis Canau