Love the Brush

I love the brush. I have tried the Harmony pencil over and over, watched the tutorials and spent a lot of time trying different settings. I have improved the use of the geometric and spline drawing tools, however, when it comes to drawing naturally, accurately and quickly, I keep coming back to the brush.

The brush is more responsive in both the flair and character of each stroke, and I can re-draw a stroke many time faster than I can switch gears and start editing spline vertices. When I need to edit the line, the brush is usually close enough already that the perspective tool alone will quickly produce the changes needed. If the brush strokes touch, then there is not the gap closing sensitivity found in the pencil line, which requires additional editing. I also don’t see a problem with scaling in regard to camera moves. A simple change in the layer ‘advanced’ settings takes care of brush line scaling.

Please, please don’t get rid of the brush tool in future upgrades. For people like myself who are illustrators, who have a favorite Hunt pen and sable brush, there is a very important difference between the brush and pencil tools. The principal reason I ever started using Toonboom products in the first place is because I wanted an animation app that allowed me to just draw and keep moving, like working on paper but faster. If I’m stuck with pencil splines, I might as well use Moho (now Anime Studio Pro) and any old license of After Effects. Then I would have true and automatic point to point morphing. The problem with spline tools is that it kills the characteristics found in the natural act of drawing. It turns playful, fulfilling work into tedium.

There are some things I like about TV Paint, but the light files and production optimizations found in Harmony are very nice to have - so long as I can draw the way I want to.

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