Lost project

Last summer i worked on a project in Toon Boom Animate, and as I now needed to change it I reopened it today.
First it worked fine, but as i moved the project over to my MacBook from an external hard drive and reopened it again everything was lost. I manage to open it, and i can see that all the layers still exist, but i can’t see the drawings. I tried to export to see if I would see the drawings there, but it was all black.

Any ideas?

did you copy all the subdirectories?

Well, not at first, but I did later on. Anyway the ext.nal h.drive was plugged in all the time.
I thought perhaps what must have done it was the first time when I opened it and everything was okay, cause I hit save before I closed. Still I don’t understand what exactly I did save…

Can you see the files inside the scene>elements>drawing>xxx.tvg?

Check that the permissions of all the files are good. I’ve seen onetime that bringing some files from another machine had changed all the permissions and I couldnot see the images. Maybe this is the case here.

How did you bring the scene over? Did you zip the scene first? It’s always a good idea when sending stuff over a network as moving folders not zip can cause loss of assets. Seen it from linux to other platforms.

Well make sure when you copy a project that you copy the whole project folder, as there are links to drawings inside. If you lose those links, and you need to somehow reconnect them, then email support@toonboom.com to see if they have any suggestions.

I always recommend also backing up a file before transferring it to make sure that you have a good copy.