Lost pressure sensitivity in Storyboard Pro 7

I’ve used Storyboard Pro for a while but suddenly the software doesn’t register pen pressure sensitivity on my Cintiq Pro 24. In other programs I still have pressure sensitivity, so the problem is limited to Storyboard Pro.
I could greatly appreciate having it working again. So any help is gratefully welcomed.
Apart from reinstalling the program is there any other solutions?
Thanks, Simon

Hello SimSonic,

Please try opening Storyboard Pro, go to your Advanced Preferences and toggle “Use Qt Wintab Tablet Support” and then apply the change. You’ll need to restart Storyboard Pro afterwards. Hopefully, that fixes the issue.

If this does not work, we recommend making sure all of your computer drivers are up to date and, if they are, uninstalling and re-installing your pen drivers just to be safe.