lost license/ dowanload

So my storyboard pro was crashing when i started like it would show storyboard pro logo and go back to the desktop and then it would work some times so when the crash happen again. i figure i would just uninstall it and reinstall it to fix it well now when i go under history it shows it’s not being there or my downloads and the guy who is helping out is asking for proof of purses my Quinton is are there a way to find items that have been deleted from the history.

by the way i could use an answer fast i want to use this program for my class i got starting April1st. thank you

Is the guy helping you just someone trying to help or a Toon Boom employee?

Are you saying there is nothing in your Toon Boom account showing a download link or purchase of the software under My Downloads or My Orders?

it is an employee and yes i am saying there nothing showing under my account which i do not know why i was talking to someone before from the toonboom team like a week or two about it crashing on me then it started to work so i thought it was fixed i asked the guy if the emails from me asking for help would be good enough.

There is an upgrade code for Storyboard Pro in
your account that hasn’t been used yet.

Use the license wizard options:
Activate License
Internet Activation
Upgrade License
copy/paste the upgrade code from your account.

hey so the guy helping out told me how the program under a diffrent acount wich i had to make a new Gmail acount and so i did and i sent a requst for a new password and the new page is black with the logo and a white sqaur and you have to highlight to see instructions have been sent

So i got my storyboard pro 5.1 back but i still having problems with it crashing most of the time and when it do work that pen lags and i have to move the pen up to see what i was drawing put and i got the settings on high perfumes which helped with the lagging before

Sorry I don’t understand what you are trying to explain.

You should explain to the person who is helping you.
Explain what you are doing in a step-by-step manner
and give screenshots to help show where you are
running into problems.

Contact support, provide the details of your graphic card.
Perhaps they can assist better if they connect to your computer
and you can show them the problem.

Try closing unnecessary programs and web pages to see if it helps.
Check if by accident you left the light table on, this feature uses a
lot of graphic card memory to process (as does onion skinning).