lost library-again

hi all - been working in tb6 all day on my mac… went in to change a project and noticed that my global library was missing when i brought the file in - went to the previous one i was working on and it was still missing (thought maybe this project had screwed up the pointers or something) … went to preferences to find the location, went to the location found the library and the global.tbc is grayed out … searched my hard disk, noticed all the global.tbc files are grayed out … tried to create a library and still the global.tbc is grayed out … i can bring in the single files that made up my library, but i would again have to recreate each folder then bring in each element associated with it … this is about the third time in the last six months or so this has happened and it is getting very frustrating … any help in restoring the library in tact would be appreciated … thanks, dan

Perhaps you are misunderstanding what the Global Library is used for. You will not be able to access all of the material for the various projects you are working on through the Global Library. If this is in fact what you wish to do then you must create a custom library somewhere on your system and then make a template of the material you wish to have access to. This way you will ber able to bring these templates into a new scene.

hi - yes, i understand how the library works, my problem is that i work on an existing project, close it, reopen it, I sometimes my global library is missing - there is not even an entry defining the library - all that shows is the animation folder. I have to create the new global library entry, then go and find the correct global.tbc file to build it ( designate one location for the library, yet I am finding them all over my hard disk). Sometimes this file is grayed out and no matter what i do, it will not bring it in leaving me the chore of rebuilding it and all the sub folders from the individual template files. What i do notice is that in my preferences for TB, the file location for where the default location for the global library gets changed (i let it default at installation time and do not alter it beyond saving additional template files to it). It seems that whenever the global library gets lost, the pointers to the global library are directing TB to look someplace else for the file to load it. It’s a very frustrating problem and unless i walk in my sleep or am visited by elves playing pranks, i have no clue what is causing it. thanks, dan