Lost layers of animation


Yesterday, I was having trouble with my background import from photoshop: it wouldn’t line up in the 16:9 format I’m using. I couldn’t select it so I finally used translate and moved it over in the x axis. But then all the animation was suddenly too small. It had been working fine with the background, but after the translation issue, the animation was too small. So, I re-sized all the animation. Then as I continued to animate, the program suddenly dropped one layer of animation and substituted another layer of animation. I had a layer of cat animation and a layer of TV animation. Suddenly I had two layers of cat animation and no TV animation. The first time this happened I was able to “undo” until the TV animation came back. The second and third time, however, I couldn’t undo. I had all the layers locked except for the cat animation and it still dumped my TV animation. Finally, I imported the TV drawings from elements (the drawing were a corrupted mixture of cat and TV drawings), traced the TV drawings (which were all different sizes and in all different locations within the field) and dumped the old TV layer. Now I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish the cat animation that should have been done yesterday, but what the heck? Is this file so messed up that I’m going to need to print everything out and finish the animation on paper? As it is, I’m going to have to re-time all of the TV animation, and this is just ruff animation! I haven’t even started clean up and inbetweening!

Some info: I’m working on a Mac laptop, 8 gigs of ram and a stupid large amount of memory. The file has five layers, including background and is about 2000 frames of animation. Is this just more animation than this program can handle at once? I’m working tra-digitaly and, until yesterday, have loved this program. I don’t really want to use a different program but after this, I’m not sure I can trust that Toon Booms stability. :frowning:

On the amount of frames, i have seen users have more but you are getting towards the upper limit depending on what you are doing and would be better off splitting into seperate scenes and brining it back together in editing.

Thanks, I’ll see if I can figure out a place where I can do that. It’s a one shot short with animation happening all the way through it but there still might be a way to split it up.

All right,I’ve figured out the perfect place … but how do I split the film?

I tend to Save As and then remove frames not needed if there is some flow or just trying to split a file in half.

It also means I can keep the last frame as my new first frame is i am so inclined.

Cool! Thanks!