Lost Drawings?


I recently imported my characters as a template into a the environment scene file. I just did the import yesterday and saved them, I didn’t animate them.

There are 4 characters in total, but one of the characters is missing his forearms… I checked his template file and they’re still there, but they’re coming out as blank drawings in the scene file. The forearms are a patch (so they’re ‘clones’), if that helps. But the leg patches are the same and they seem to be fine.

I’m not sure why this is happening, is this a glitch? Could it have something to do with the filenaming (too long etc.)? It was working yesterday.

Is there something I could do to ensure that this doesn’t happen in future. It would have been a shame to animate the entire scene and discover that drawings are missing. I know I can always replace them from the template, but I just wanted to know if there’s a better way.

Any light on this situation would be great.


Thanks for the swift reply Lilly,

I did it as a master template, so that’s why I was confused. ??? It was working the last time I used the program so I have a feeling it was a glitch. I also checked the drawing library, the drawing names were all there (and the pivots) but the drawings were blank.

I fixed it by using the original template, expanding it, deleting the drawings in the scene, and replacing them with the ones from the template. So it’s sorted now, just didn’t know if it was a problem with the rig etc.

Thanks so much,

Are they totally missing or are they just swapped off? (I.e. do you see them in the library slider?)

If they’re totally missing, how did you create the template? Did you create a master template by dragging from the left side of the timeline (Animate) or by copying and pasting from the network view (Animate Pro/Harmony)?

Or did you create an action template by dragging from the right-side of the Timeline?

When you create an action template, it only saves the drawings that are actually exposed and selected in the timeline. So keep that in mind. And when you drag a new template into a scene, you always want to make sure you’re bringing a master template, not an action template.

Check out the Tip of the Week videos on this subject for a little more info: