Lost ALL Tool Bars in my Drawing?!! Please HELP!!


I’ve lost all my right side tool bars?!! I can’t see now when I want to change % / color on brushes, eraser, etc. PLEASE HELP!! I have class assignments due!!

The software has a reset Stage View to but all options are grayed out and not available? How do I get the menu back that used to be on the right hand side?!! This is crazy!! I don’t even know what the tool bar is called?! The % / color bar is what I’ve thought of it as in my own mind but there’s no where in the software that I’ve found to actually reset that or even to drop and drag it back. Heck, I don’t even know how I lost it?!

:slight_smile: Any and all help welcomed and appreciated.


It looks as though the panels section of your Stage View window is not displaying properly.
Try going into menu-Windows- to select “Restore Default Workspace”

If that doesn’t help, try creating a new blank project and close then re-open the software
to load this new project. If the panels appear properly it may be that your graphic card ran
out of memory. One thing that can help for that is to optimize the project (from the File
menu). Flattening the strokes in each drawing can make a big difference.

That worked for me, thank you. Would you happen to know what causes it to go to a different window after saving? I don’t want to loose my work-space again. As for creating a new blank project that is what I tried and it saved on that mode. Every time I opened my project it took me to a different work space with the color menu missing. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software and it just saved the problem. I came here to find out how to fix it. It is fixed for now but that is a major problem for the re-install. I opened new project and it did not take me to the right area I had when I first installed it. I opened a NEW project as well and tied to make a “New” project… nothing was working all problems saved on the uninstall and re-install.

(Normally re-installing would fix the problems, That is a major problem for me. )

I’m not sure what you’re asking: “Would you happen to know what causes it to go to a different window after saving?”

What might have happened it that after a computer crash, if the software was open

  • it may have corrupted the user preferences. Unfortunately uninstalling/re-installing
    the software does not touch the user preferences.