Lost all my panels

If someone can help me,
I’m using SBPro2 on MacMini, I copied all panels from a project (project 1) and tried to paste them on a another project (project 2) it did not work so I selected all the panels from project 1 , went on project 2 to try to import them… The “choose images files” window open but there was a toolbox that was there, from my workspace accidentally hiding the “cancel” and “open” buttons (How lucky was I to have left that toolbox EXACTLY at that spot) , there was no way I could move any of the open windows I could not quit StoryBoardPro2, I had to force quit When I open my files again my panels where gone from project 1 and of course were not in Project 2. There must be somewhere,
Any Idea where to find them? Oh, besides, my time machine is off.
Let me know,

There should be a [projectname].sboard~ file that you can rename to get rid of the “~” character to replace the original file.

Note that a good way to copy panels between projects is to use the Library though usually copying/pasting should work.
Make sure to avoid spaces, accented and other special characters in the name of the project or the location where projects are being stored. Only a-z, 0-9, “-” and “_” are safe for naming.