Lost All my Drawings, Color Palette and Previous Animation Files

I’m in urgent need currently.
I’ve been working on an short animated project for well over a month and was at the final stretch of the work. Finished all the main animation with my characters and was just developing VFX like streaks, lighting and auras. I was working on it late and while doing so was organizing files on my laptop, including ones in my project. After a little bit I decided to check my list of projects on my ToonBoom menu, almost everything was gone. I was so confused, and to tend to the matter I saved all my work and closed out. When I realized what was happening I quickly opened up to see my newest animation to see all my drawings were gone. Even the audio I placed in, even my palette.

All the keyframes and layers were still there, I even used the stroke tool to see if it would pick up on anything. Nothing. I skimmed through every frame, every drawing that I made was missing and was in a panic. A family member had me trace back my steps to what lead up to it, and we even tried doing a restoration point but nothing helped. I mention organizing files because when I opened up a project on my editing software, Premiere Pro, I saw there was “three files that could not be found”, but it had an option where I would locate them and bring it back to normal.

With that being said, I feel like the files organization may have tampered with what I’ve been working on, and world forbid wiping my progress. Whether that be likely or not, I’m greatly desperate for anything I can do to aid this. Not just for my specific cartoon but every other WIP that I’ve lost.
The matter happened very early morning on August 4th. I use a Pavilion Windows Gaming Laptop and it has been used for well near a year. Any help is absolutely appreciated, to any other users or ToonBoom Help Assistants, thank you.