loss of sound during selected frame playback

hi all -

when setting the playback markers in timeline the sound works fine if the start marker is at position 1. If i move the marker from position 1 to anywhere else (regardless of where the red line marker is) - the sound does not play. It plays okay within tb if i press the play button on the toolbar and begins where the start marker is located, but if i hit the enter key i must be suffering from temporary deafness because i don’t hear anything … i avoid using the play button option because it seems the video and audio are out of sync… any help would be appreciated … thanks, d ;D

When you press enter, the movie is exported to swf format for quick playback.

In SWF the sound works with start and end markers. If you start your movie after the start marker, then you might not hear the sound.

To fix it either use the QuickTime Preview (like Ctrl+Enter). Or try to set the the Streamed option in the Sound Editor. You can get to the Sound Editor by right clicking a sound level.

Setting the streamed option will break the sound into frame size pieces and will not rely only on the start and stop markers.