loss of alpha in color transform

hi all -

I’m using a black color, set at alpha 12% for 3d shading. I have this as a separate element atop the object I want to give a 3d look to. I place this element and the element being shaded into a color transform element in order to have the two elements fade in then out … i am losing the alpha 12% value during the playback… it appears fine in camera view but in the internal or external playbacks it seems like the opaque value for the black has reset itself to 100%… if i remove the two elements from the color transform effect, it looks and runs fine … I need to have the object appear 3d and fade in and then out … any suggestions? thanks, dan


Is this happening with all export types or only the playback and swf export?

I can’t seem to get the same behavior here, are you working on Mac or on PC now and are you getting this in every project (if you make a test project for exemple).

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