losing gradiant coloring during playback

Hi all -

am losing the gradiant coloring during playback … it’s fine during playback when it’s the only element selected. When all the elements are selected, the gradiant turns to solid colors. the gradiant element is in foreground (selected in properties). I have rebuilt the gradiant colors and reapplied them to no effect … in other scenes where there is the same gradiant, it’s fine … is there something set that would cause a gradiant not to display? This element was part of the camera peg as i do a pan of a cityscape followed by a forest, then out to the mts where the gradiant coloring are located. i moved the element from the camear peg, then out to its own peg then moved it to where the camera will end its panning, figuring maybe the camera peg was doing something to the gradiant values … it wasn’t … - the working gradiants are centered in the grid box (where the default camera sets)… be surprised if that’s the issue … this solid colored imagery is not anywhere else where it would overlay the gradiant, so it’s not a duplicate element entry … thanks, dan


I am not sure what can cause this. You can try a different renderer in the Display Tab of the Preferences.

If you have clipping effects or shadows, they might interact badly with the gradient during the rendering of the camera view but the exported movie should be fine.