Loosing my Mind....with Z Nudge

Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing around with Toon Boom Animate (Not Pro) for the last 2 weeks as it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn. However I’ve hit the proverbial brick wall (feel like trowing my mac at a real brick wall). I have created a few characters and it always ends the same… I go to parent the characters parts; body is parent to arms and hands; hips are parent to legs and feet but when it comes to the head being parent to the face features I just can’t get the head to go behind the features. I have tried to Z Nudge to my hearts content but all that seems to happen is it makes the head bigger.

Ive made sure Transform is on, the camera area has its red box around it, Ive looked at top view and perspective view…nada! Top view only shows me lines and when I click on them it highlights the parent and child groups in the left side area I don’t see anything happening even up full view. Ive also opened the Coordinate toolbar and used the z area…just makes the head bigger…(I wish I had the money for Pro because the network view looks so much easier)

I must have gone wrong somewhere but can’t figure it out? I’ve exhausted google…help me Toon Boomians, you’re my only hope.

I’ve attached an image for your scrutiny: excuse my crude character…it’s for training purposes, thanks :slight_smile:

When you say “all it does is make the head bigger” - sounds like it’s moving in the wrong direction - but that something is happening.

Have you tried hiding all layers in the top view, except the head, then pushing it back a good bit? Work from there, perhaps.

I share the brick wall frustration. So many glitches and ‘features’.

Forget Z nudge. For this all you have to do is attach a peg to the head layer and make this the ‘parent’ instead of the head layer. Once the head, eyes, mouth, nose layers etc are nested under this peg, you move the head layer to the bottom of the facial features layers so it’s behind everything else. Easy peasy.

Is there any reason you’re not using pegs? Pegs will make life a whole lot easier for you :slight_smile:

Thank you both for replying :slight_smile:

DessieX thank you so much. I should have been using pegs all along. That is what I get for flying through and skipping video tutorials. I’m sorry for my novice question, it was driving me nuts. I am very new to animation and animation software but I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

Thanks again you two

Dee x