loops with cut-out

I followed the steps to make a cut out animation of a person walking, and I got a full cycle with the first and last frame being the same, but now I can´t make a loop out of it:
If I use the parent peg, it will just fill empty frames after my cycle, producing teh first cycle, then stoping at the last frame for the other cycles, just like if an extension of exposure have been made and nothing else.
If I use the create cycle, i need to select the drawings, but because this is cut out animation, I can´t use this because I´d have to select each element separately, wich I don´t think is correct.
AM I doing something wrong or is there a way to make loops using cut out animation? Help apreciated, as I have just a trial version :slight_smile:

Here is a procedure which I have used that might help you solve your problem. First make sure that you have your master peg fully collapsed so that you are operating on all the children as a grouped collection. Then select the entire duration of the master peg that corresponds to your single cycle. Go to the menu Edit>Copy Cell this will copy the selected peg and every child under it. Now go to the first frame past the end of your cycle on the master peg track and from the menu select Edit>Paste Special this opens a dialogue box and the default setting should work for your situation so just click on OK. You can experiment with the check box options in this dialogue if you want and just undo your work each time until you learn the most beneficial combination, but I think the default combination works as is. This should paste your next cycle in place. You can then repeat this for each additional cycle. In fact there is a Edit>Paste Special Again command that bypasses the dialogue box for doing multiple repeats. Hope this helps you. -JK