I hope someone out there can help. Ive been using TB studio for a while and usually hand draw everything. Recently ive begun producing work using cut-outs with the peg heirarchies. The problem im having is i’ve created a 16 frame sequence of movement for my character that i wish to loop.

Normally by using the change loops feature for the peg im used to it just looping the animation but this doesnt seem to work. It sticks on one particular position and just wiggles it about. I’ve also tried selecting the whole of the main peg, copying it and repasting it. This copies all the information but mashes my drawn parts together on one spot where theyre animated but all on top of one another.

I’ve tried everything i can think of so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Burley

Hi Dave,

Correct me if I am wrong but at the moment, if you do change loop on the element it moves back and forth continuously. If it is the case, what you would have to do is to actually remove the motion of the character that is going ahead in your loop. Then do the create loop so that the character will end up having a static walk cycle. Once done, you simply have to attach that cycle to a peg that is going to do the movement of the character.

This problem is due to the fact that when you create look Toon Boom Studio actually redo the whole animation over and over with the exact position it had. So whenever you create a loop for a peg you need to make sure that the first and last frame are the exact same (or 1 frame difference for more fluidity).

Hope this helped you out.

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Hi Ugo

Thanks for responding. Ive been over what you said in your reply but with no joy.
The sequence is as yet unattached to a peg to create any sideways or front back motion. Its purely a series of pegs containing the drawing elements for each body part, which ive then animated using the transform tool to create a run cycle on the spot.
For some reason its only showing one continual frame when i loop the main peg. Or forgets the relative positions of its child pegs if i try to copy it, displaying them all centered at (0,0,0). To be honest im stumped and cant see how to solve it.

Dave Burley


If you actually want to create a cycle with drawing instead of peg movement you will need to use the Create Cycle option in the Xsheet instead of the Create Loop option in the Timeline.

If that is not what you were looking for you could send us a sample of the project so we can give you better information to solve your problem.

You can zip the file and send it at techsupport@toonboom.com. If it is too heavy please contact us (tell us how heavy the file is) and we will tell you where to drop it.

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Hi Ugo

Only me again. Ive sent it in to you, thought it might help if you can see it for yourself as my explanation was a bit longwinded. You’ll no doubt sort it straight away now!

Many Thanks

Dave B

Hi Everyone,

I just want to let you know the solution to this problem.

Whenever you have a cycle that contains both drawing interpolation and peg movement the best way to create a cycle is to actually copy the main peg (while not collapsed) and paste it one at the end of the other. Since the create loop only affects the peg and not the drawing you might only get the peg movement by doing a create loop and you would have to add a cycle to each drawing element of your character. When you do a copy paste from the timeline it will take the information of the peg and redo it over and over, as well as taking the exposition of the drawing and repeating it over and over (so it actually reuse the exposition and don’t create new drawing).

Hope this manage to help you out.

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There is another thread here at the TBS forums that describes one way to do what is being ask about here so for those readers interested you can read this other thread linked below.