Hello, I am somewhat new at toon boom, I am working in V3.5 and I have just created a walk cycle, now I want to loop it. I found out about making ‘cycles’ but this isn’t exactly what I want. I had been working with Flash before TBS and in Flash if you make something into a symbol, it will automatically loop it when you add more frames, then you could just put a tween on it and make it move, or walk, across the screen. So I was wondering is there a way to do this in TBS v3.5? I hope this all made sense, I am fairly bad at describing things.


TBS doesn’t work like Flash in the manner you described. I have written about one way to produce a looping cycle in one of the blog articles in Cartooning in Toon Boom so go HERE and you can read about the steps in the process. I describe how I made the fish swim for 30sec on screen using 60 loops of a 12 frame cycle. I hope it will give you some insight. If you have additional questions just ask. -JK