Looping glitch in Storyboard pro movie export

Hi guys, lately whenever I export a movie files the sequence will loop itself halfway through instead of exporting it in sequential order, which makes the audio not sync to the animatic. I notice it happens whenever I export with the “Print Timecode” and “Print scene names and panel numbers” checked. These are all the settings I have active when exporting:

Movie Format: H.264/MPEG-4
Resolution: Half size
One Clip: Per project
Export Range: All
Burn-In: Print Timecode (checked), Print scene names and panel numbers (checked)
Open Document/Folder after export (checked)

It’s a very frustrating glitch as I need the timecode and scene numbers/panel numbers to be in the movie export/animatic so my clients can refer to the animatic effectively. It will eat up at least an hour for me to label each scene and panel myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated and needed!