Looping a peg

I see that you can loop a peg in TBS3. But the way it works is odd.

let’s say I have a motion done with a peg, like a ball falls off a table. I want to now loop it so it falls off the table over and over.

However, if I loop the peg, the loop takes the original motion and merely EXTENDS it, so that the ball’s path to the floor continues to the floor downstairs.

That doesn’t seem like a “loop” to me – am I missing something?

Hi Steve,

The loop starts at the position of the last keyframe of a peg.
It doesn’t reset the value so if the last keyframe is not at the same position then the first keyframe, it will loop in spiral, this is useful in some other situations to create other kind of effects.

You could do it with the loop method but there is an easy way:

Select all the peg (double click) hit copy (ctrl-c) then bring the red scrubber one frame after the end of the peg and hit paste (ctrl-v).