Looping a DVD

I have to supply 6 of my animations to my customer on one DVD for a trade show, and they want the DVD to Loop, like a demo reel, but not stop until the disc is ejected.

Can anyone offer they experience or knowledge on which software will handle this? I have a feeling Adobe After effects will do it, but I’d like to find a more economical way of doing it if there is one

I use a Mac G5 --OS 10.4.11.

Well, if you have Toast 8, from the Options (More) check “Auto-Play disc on insert”
and “Play all items continuously”.

In iDVD (08) for creating “self-playing-presentations”, open the Map-View,
select your Movie, do “command + I” to open the Movie Info, check Loop Movie,
a circular icon appears on your movie, go to your next movie… or slideshow…


Hey Nolan,
Thank you so much for this info. I have Toast 6, and it works perfectly for basic DVD burning, but didn’t need or want to upgrade unless I could find out from a user if it could do the auto play/looping. I will just up grade to v8.