Loop problem

I can’t figure out how to put a stop on a frame. In Macromedia director or flash it can be done with a script like stop() but I suppose toon boom doesnt support scripting.

So when I export my movie (Flash format) it loops all the time when I open it in flash player (Not the one from toon boom). I know how to turn loops on and off in the movieplayer in toon boom but not when exporting a movie.

Is it possible to put a stop at the end of a frame or turn the loop off. Can’t find it under properties when exporting. Or is the only possibility to turn this off in the flash player?

not sure i understand but did you try exporting it in a different format
some of my videos would glitch on google when exported under quicktime but would not under other ones

Interactivity is a function of programming and requires action scripting for the SWF format. So if you are making web oriented content and want to add interactivity such as “replay” or “jump to scene” or even “stop play” then you will need to use an application such as Flash which supports programming. Toon Boom Studio is great animation software but not intended to produce interactive web content. Flash is better suited for the interactivity work but it is not as animator friendly. So most people who want to produce web content with a strong bias toward the animation aspects use both applications in a synergistic combination. The TBSi importer makes this reasonably seamless. -JK

Hi guys,

If you are planning to embed your flash file into a web page you can set a loop parameter to “FALSE” in your and .

Same for quick time (by default quick time doesn’t loop).

We are looking to implement basic navigation (such as play, stop, pause and jump to scene) type of functionalities in a future version of TBS. This would only work when exporting to flash of course.


Please,Please,Please,PLEASE ;D add that function to ToonBoom asap!!

I can’t believe it isn’t part of Toon Boom already ??? as not everyone can afford to buy Flash just to make such a basic adjustment! :frowning:

Otherwise Toon Boom has been great for me - unfortunately the latest versions (particularly 3.5) have become more and more buggy and difficult to use on my G4 mac - just tried again today and gave up in frustration :’(

However - I will be getting a new tasty fast imac soon so all should be well in a bit I hope! :wink: