Looking for "Thumbnail Display Mode" in Pro 4.1

The release notes for SB Pro 4.1 state that “Thumbnail display mode in the Stage view is back.” But I can not find the button (Leftmost side of the Stage view status bar.) Is there an option to turn on this feature? (On a Mac computer)

The PC version of SB Pro 4.1 has the “Display Thumbnail mode” but not the mac version?

Let me know if anyone knows how to turn on that option in a mac.


In the main window where you can choose between camera view and stageview there are also many other viewing options.
Press the downward arrow on the top right above the main window. Select thumbnails from the list.
This will give you a window showing the thumbnails in the main window. A scrolling bar below the window let you scroll through pannels and scenes.
Hope this is what you were looking for.
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Thanks Ivar, but the option I am looking for is the thumbnail display for the “stage View”, it used to be a viewing option in SB Pro 2, then was removed in SB Pro 4, and in the release note for SB Pro 4.1 it said they brought the option back.


  • It is in the General - third bullet point.

It allows you to keep the camera centered on the stage no matter where it was moved to. The board artists use it to quickly flip through the panels and check their poses ect.
We run a copy of SB Pro 4.1 on a PC and that version has the option, but all the SB Pro 4.1 that are installed on MACs do NOT have the option. I need to know if there is a way to turn the option on? (on a mac)


  • Alan

Hi again

Yesterday I tried out the 3D- version , and yes it do have this option.
My 4.1 version does not have the option. I am on a mac OSX 10.7.5.

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