Looking for some samples to help drawing technique

You know those camera shots where the camera is placed at the feet of a character and is looking up at the character?

Forget what TBS can do …I want to draw this shot with a 3D type look. For example if the character is wearing a skirt for example it would be like looking up her skirt…but I want to draw the entire character arms head etc. I tried doing this on my own but the results were not right …so I wondered if somebody could direct me to a few sites with some samples to look through.

I’ve seen this perspective used in many different type of 2D animation …and it’s very effective! For example a character walking with the camarea at this angle …I would see the bottom of his feet while he’s walking etc.

Hmm… I don’t have any links on hand, but I’d sugesst searching for various perspective grids or perspective tut’s & articles. Look for stuff like looking up from the bottom of a cliff or canyon - ala roadrunner BG’s. Also, city-scapes from say a mouse’s point of view - Tom & Jerry BG’s have plenty of these.

The hard part of course is drawing it :slight_smile: It is quite a tricky angle, and buildings & such are easier to keep in perspective than the human form, but it still follows all the same rules, so if you find some good reference material & lay out a nice perspective grid you should get some better results. Here is a guy’s gallery at another forum. His name is Comlock, & while the thread isn’t entirely about perspective, it does get discussed & he has some excellent examples (and I think a few links).
Hope some of that helps get you started. Good luck.
[url]http://www.animationforum.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2846/url] Mods- sorry if that’s not OK to post here, I’ll take it down if it’s not.

A thought…

Maybe you could place an art mannequin, Barbie, or some sort of “Action Figure” on a glass top table or shelf and make a series of photographs or sketches from underneath.

Good idea …but it won’t help much I’m afraid. The reason is …these perspective shots I see is very much exaggerated …hence the dramitic effects. If you can remember those shots where the character walks up and stand with the camera between his legs on the floor. Giving the character a tough-guy …powerfull look, as the audience looks up at him/her!!

I know …its not easy to draw …I’ve been trying for days…lol! In fact I’d like to think this is where you seperate the men from the boys.

Here I think …it calls on raw drawing skills more so than software technology!

Hey Tiger,

I stumbled on a thread last night & remembered this one. I know the examples shown aren’t exactly what you’re looking for (not as exaggerated) but they may be of some help on getting the basic perspective down. http://www.animationforum.net/forum/showthread.php?t=3947
Also, our very own Rupert Piston has a nice series of blog posts that deal with a drawing from a low angle perspective. Check 'em out as he shows & explains all his preliminary construction work as well as everything leading up to the final version.

As you say, this is something that’s going to test your drawing skills out a bit as it’s not an angle that anyone draws very often. Best suggestion I can make is just try to capture the basic construction & perspective, then worry about exaggerating & pushing your poses for a more dramatic effect.

Hope that helps some, I’d really like to see what you come up with, it’s definitely a cool point of view, and a tough one to draw! Good luck.

Is something like this what you’re looking for?


Yep …thats it.
I want to be able to be comfortable at this …where I can draw the character walking sitting talking from this perspective. Thanks …I’ll study this …and if you have more please post it.

Just stumbled on to a fantastic site showing a whole bunch of different poses. It’s not in English, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find a pose that is what you’re looking for.

Check it out, looks like a great resource for everyone really.