Looking for opinions

Hi animators!

I really would love any comments or opinions of my animation work.
As I have learned on my own, any opinion from the experts will be super appreciated!

I have created some musical video animation clips using pop songs in english and spanish.

The link is www.hectoplasma.com



Also if you find any trouble with the videos please let me know too! Cheers!

Please if you see the videos and you DONt like them at all please tell me why!

As I have no teachers or mentors of any kind any opinion good bad or terrible you can provide me I willl really appreciate!

:smiley: Thanks!

very good stuff
you could try more personal style
and less mainstream
like start new

Very impressing.
Maybe the main character could mirror the voice with a more sophisticated
The emotionally strength of the voice is not reflected in the character.

Except from that you really impressed me. I am for sure is not able to
produce such a piece for the moment.

Hi Moska!Yes you are right! I chose those songs just for fun, but you totally get it right! Thanks for that!

Ivaar thanks lots for your comment! I will look into that too!

:wink: I have found that practice is the best way to learn! And feedback from you guys is sterling!