Looking for old bouncing ball tutorial

Years ago I recall downloading Toon Boom and there was a bouncing ball tutorial that covered the basics of animation and camera movements–if my memory serves me right. I just installed TB 4 and it doesn’t have this very helpful tutorial. Perhaps the concepts or tools are no longer applicable to this newer version so the tutorial was not included. However, if it would be helpful, I’d like to find a copy. Does anyone have it?

That was a really marvelous tutorial, wasn’t it…
I remember that one very well… at the end the ball was transformed into a little bouncing chicken with flipping wings… I presume it came with version 2 ?
Lots of things have changed ever since, I guess it was superseded by new development ?

If you like here is a fairly basic demonstration of a bouncing ball:


Thanks, Nolan! The bouncing ball tutorials didn’t run on my computer. However, I could view some of the other tutorials you have–camera moves, drawing a chicken. Too bad they don’t have sound. But the two on the bouncing ball look like improved renditions of the original tutorial. I liked it because it gave you a basic introduction to animating with TBS.

Edit: Okay, it finally loaded and is playing! Great tutorial! Thanks!